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a kpop icontest community

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» This is an open Community, everyone who loves Kpop/Korean Drama and making Icons can join!
» To participate in the Challenges, you must be a member!
» Every icon must be new! No recycling old Icons for the challenges!
» No hotlinking or claiming Icons you didn't make as your own. You will be banned from the community if we find out about it.
» Be nice and respectful to each other, if there's a problem, you can message a mod and we'll find a solution :3

» Like the name says, the task is to finish 20 icons in 20 days
» You have to sign up and claim a person/band/drama to participate in this challenge
» Please be sure that you have the time to finish the icons
» Every round you have to make 10 theme icons, 5 category icons and 5 artist choice icons
» The themes and categories change from round to round. You can suggest a theme in the sign-up post
» For submitting your finished icons, post a 3 icon preview and a lj-cut or link to the rest
» The post must be titled like: Round # - Star/Band/Drama
» Do not tag your entries yourself, a mod will do it for you!
» Please take the time to look at other submissions and leave comments
» After 20 days the challenge is closed, so be sure to be in time
» Voting will be up as soon as possible
» Please vote for quality and not biased
» Winners will recive banners

» Everyone can join, without signing up before
» For this challenge, we will chose a topic f.e colour or hair
» You can enter up to 5 icons for every round
» You can icon everything you want from the Kpop/Kdrama universe, as long as it fits the theme
» Please submit your icon in a comment, using this example:

» Don't post the icons anywhere before the voting is over and the winners are announced!
» Voting will be up for about 3 Days
» Please vote for quality and not biased
» Winner will recive banners

» This challenge is about making 100 icons of an artist/a band/a tv drama
» You have unlimited time to finish this challenge
» Everyone who finish this challenge will get a banner and will be posted into the Hall of Fame
» You have to claim your motive in THIS post
» Double claiming is allowed
» Your allowed to post updates after 15 new icons! It's also allowed to post them somewhere else
» When posting updates, please post a 3 icon preview and a link to the post on your journal!
» Title the entry as: 100 icon challenge - singer/ban/drama
» Don't tag your entry, a mod will do this!
» You can chose between 100 themed icons or 100 free icons
» The tables can be found in the claim post

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